Cv clichés

When you’re writing your CV you should constantly be thinking, ‘is that relevant, and does it position me as a good fit for the job?’

If you’re saying you want the role because you want to learn new skills and advance your career, well, isn’t that a bit of a given for someone applying for a new job?

Originality, relevance and personality are key, and under no circumstances should you lie on your CV, you will be found out.

Some clichéd ‘buzzwords’ to avoid are:

  • Team player
  • Motivated
  • Detail-oriented
  • Communication skills
  • People management skills
  • Results-driven
  • Dynamic
  • Entrepreneurial

There’s nothing wrong with saying you have good people management skills if it’s a ‘must have’ for the role, but don’t leave it there; briefly state a time in a previous role when using your people management skills added something to the business. 

Always back it up with real life evidence.

Keep a copy of the job offer close by, whatever skills are required for the role need to be prominent on your CV.

It is also worth looking at the language used in the job ad or specification and researching the company’s values, it might give you some more of an idea of what they expect from a candidate.

You can also mirror their language, (do not simply copy what they have said, obviously) it will show you’re in tune to what they’re looking for.

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