Conversation and the bore

When some one is talking to you, it is inconsiderate to keep repeating “What did you say?” Those who are deaf are often obliged to ask that a sentence be repeated. Otherwise their irrelevant answers would make them appear half-witted. But countless persons with perfectly good hearing say “What?” from force of habit and careless inattention.

On the other hand, to be bored is a bad habit, and one only too easy to fall into.

As a matter of fact, it is impossible, almost, to meet anyone who has notsomething of interest to tell you if you are but clever enough yourself to find out what it is.

There are certain always delightful people who refuse to be bored. Their attitude is that no subject need ever be utterly uninteresting, so long as it is discussed for the first time.

Repetition alone is deadly dull.

Besides, what is the matter with trying to be agreeable yourself? Not too agreeable. Alas! it is true: “Be polite to bores and so shall you have bores always round about you.”

Furthermore, there is no reason why you should be bored when you can be otherwise.

But if you find yourself sitting in the hedgerow with nothing but weeds, there is no reason for shutting your eyes and seeing nothing, instead of finding what beauty you may in the weeds.

To put it cynically, life is too short to waste it in drawing blanks.

Therefore, it is up to you to find as many pictures to put on your blank pages as possible.

Emily Post

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