Business Cards

1. Breakdancing while in search of the card

While meeting a new acquaintance, you want to avoid looking like you’re busting a move to find your card. No purse fishing, pocket checking and odd bending while in search of that piece of vital information.

2. Having cards that are too small

You want to avoid your new acquaintance squinting and then pulling out a pair of readers to make out your name and phone number. The standard size of a business card is 3.5 x 2 in. Try to stick to this dimension and make sure your font pops. Hold the card away from your face and make sure it’s still legible.

3. Your cards don’t match your brand

If you’re in the event planning business, you don’t want to decorate your cards. It should be clean and stylish. Your business card is another way to represent yourself to colleagues and potential clients.

4. Doling them out like a card shark during a poker game

While it’s great to make new connections and share your information for potential business, exercise restraint. People won’t feel special if they see you handing your cards out with the expertise and speed of a dealer.

5. Handing them with the back side facing out

When you do exchange cards, make sure the logo and font are facing out when the person receives it. This reduces awkward shuffling and displays confidence in yourself and what you have to offer.

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