Fashion and Beauty

Fashion ought to be likened to a tide or epidemic; sometimes one might define it as a sort of hypnotism, seemingly exerted by the gods as a joke.

Fashion has the power to appear temporarily in the guise of beauty, though it is the antithesis of beauty nearly always.

If you doubt it, look at old fashion plates. Even the woman of beautiful taste succumbs occasionally to the epidemics of fashion, but she is more immune than most.

All women who have any clothes sense whatever know more or less the type of things that are their style, unless they have such an attack of fashionitis as to be irresponsibly delirious.

To describe any details of dress, that will not be as “queer” to-morrow as to-day’s fashions are bound to be, would seem at the outset pretty much like writing about next year’s weather.

And yet, there is one unchanging principle which must be followed by every woman, man and child that is well dressed—suitability.

Nor does suitability mean merely that you must choose clothes suitable to your age and appearance, and that you must get a ball dress for a ball, and a street dress to walk in; it means equally that you must not buy clothes out of proportion to your income, or out of keeping with your surroundings.

Emily Post

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