The Garden Party

The Garden Party is merely an afternoon tea out of doors.

It may be as elaborate as a sit down breakfast or as simple as a miniature strawberry festival.

At an elaborate one  tent or marquise with sides that can be easily drawn up in fine weather and dropped in rain, and with a good dancing floor, is often put up on the lawn or next to the veranda, so that in case of storm people will not be obliged to go out of doors.

The orchestra is places within or near open sides of the tent, so that it can be heard on the lawn and veranda as well as where they are dancing.

On the lawn there are usually several huge bright-colored umbrella tents, and under each a table and a group of chairs, and here and there numerous small tables and chairs.

For, although the afternoon tea is always put in the dining room footman or maids carry varieties of food out on large trays to the lawn, and the guests hold plates on their knees and stand glasses on tables nearby.

At a garden party the food is often much more prodigal than at a tea in town.

Sometimes it is as elaborate as at a wedding reception.

Emily Post’s Etiquette

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